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The North Carolina Criminal Justice Association was founded in 1971 with the mission of keeping members informed on current issues and serving as a voice for those involved in the criminal justice field. The organization continues this tradition by organizing conferences on contemporary issues for members, students, faculty and practicing professionals.


Criminal Justice is both a career field and an academic discipline. The NCCJA seeks to incorporate both the professional and the academician to foster an understanding among those engaged in teaching and practicing in the field.

The NCCJA accomplishes these objectives in two ways. Biannual conferences provide to members the opportunity attend seminars on current issues, as well as discussion boards on topics of state-wide concern. Where necessary, committees are formed to bring these issues to the proper forum for action. Second, outstanding student achievement in the criminal justice discipline is recognized and awarded.

A. To promote education and research in the administration of criminal justice in North Carolina.

B. To bring together persons actively engaged in teaching criminal justice with those who work in the criminal justice field.

C. To serve as a clearing house for the collection and dissemination of criminal justice research and information.

D. To encourage cooperation and understanding among those engaged in teaching and research in criminal justice and practitioners in the criminal justice field.

E. To promote the expansion of professional criminal justice education.

F. Criminal justice education programs are units in a university, college, junior college, community college, technical institute, or a civil or military agency offering education and training in the criminal justice system. Criminal justice is both a career field and an academic discipline incorporating several fields of inquiry and practice which involves the scientific study of all matters concerning crime and delinquency.
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